Training Elite World Champions

payao poontarat

Payao Poontarat

My first WBC World Champion, Payao Poontarat was a tall Super Flyweight. Prior to training with me he won a bronze medal as Flyweight in the Montreal Olympics. I was given a brief to promptly train him to a world title. Poontarat outpointed Rafael Orono of Venezuela to win the WBC title in his 9th pro fight.


Sot Chitalada

While Poontarat was training alongside me, Sot Chitalada had silently honed his expertise in the boxing gym. A former Muay Thai fighter, Chitalada had a big heart, brilliant reflexes, and exceptionally light footwork. Put with fast hands and great timing, Chitalada’s skills present the full package. Chitalada won the WBC Flyweight title in his 8th pro fight and defended it 10 times. Trained and sparred on Merseyside at Kirkby, and in Birmingham, Manchester, and Alex Morrison's gym in Glasgow. Prior to regaining his title from Young Kang Kim. Fought during a really top class Flyweight era. 


Samart Payakaroon

Samart Payakaroon was a brilliant boxer with an effortless, relaxed style. An ex-Muay Thai fighter with amazing reflexes, Payakaroon’s skills astonish me. He won the WBC Super-Bantamweight title in only his 12th pro contest by knocking out Lupe Pintor of Mexico. To see a classic performance and KO, view his fight with Mexico’s Juan ‘Kid’ Meza on YouTube™.


Napa Kiatwanchai

A minimum-weight boxer, southpaw Napa Kiatwanchai was trained by me. Deceiving in stature and appearance, he won the WBC world title in only his 8th pro fight. Having three fights in Japan with Hiroki Ioka, Kiatwanchai astonished audiences with his impressive performance. Watch Kiatwnchai versus Ioka number 3 on YouTube to watching him pulling off a great KO.


Saman Sorjaturong

At the ripe age of 20, Saman Sorjaturong applied to join the gym and take up boxing. An incredibly smart mover and tremendous right-hand puncher, Sorjaturong progressed rapidly to stun the world as a 20-to-one outsider. He battered the great Humberto González to defeat in Los Angeles to take the WBC world title, and to make 10 successful defences.

Sirimongkol Eamthuam

(previously Singwangcha)

Now a veteran 39-year-old in 2016, Singwangcha is backed by an extensive boxing career. I have trained him intermittently for more than 22 years. As of now his record stands at 90 wins and 2 defeats with no draws, and 60 KOs.

Singwangcha won two WBU titles in 12-round fights when only 18 years old. The same year, he won the WBC Bantamweight Crown in just his 10th pro fight. My boys never hung around for long.

He was later to win the WBC Super-Featherweight title, and was also the final eliminator for the Lightweight title in Las Vegas, which unfortunately did not result in a title fight. He is now an active Light-Middleweight. Singwangcha is a clever, experienced fighter indeed.


MC Mary Kom

OLYMPIC GOLDQUEST - Loyal supporters of Indian Sport

The most decorated Indian Amateur Boxer of all time, MC Mary Kom is the winner of 5 consecutive Women’s World Championship gold medals. She has also won gold and bronze medals in various Asian championships.

Mary travelled from India to Kirkby on Merseyside for coaching at Kirkby A.B.C She received special training in India prior to winning an Olympic bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. This was the pinnacle of a fabulous career for the southpaw from Manipur.

In addition to her outstanding boxing achievements, Mary is a totally selfless and generous person. She works tirelessly for the benefit of the people of her community and Indian people in general.

In spite of her boxing and training commitments, Mary has put in hundreds of hours and a substantial amount of money into her community-based projects. These include constructing a state-of-the-art boxing academy near her home in Manipur. This means youngsters in the area are able to enjoy the opportunity and facilities to help them emulate success.

Mary Kom

Shea Neary

One of the most popular and exciting Liverpool professionals of recent times, Shea Neary won Liverpool WBU Welterweight Championship. Neary defeated USA’s Darryl Tyson by a 12-round decision. Neary was trained mainly at the gym of Kirkby A.B.C in Merseyside by Atkinsons. He was one of the most dedicated fighters I ever met. His epic fight with Micky Ward was featured in the movie "The Fighter".

Shea Neary

Azumah Nelson

Arguably the greatest African boxer of all time, former WBC Featherweight and Super-Featherweight Champion Azumah Nelson was trained by [Charles Atkinson Senior] (Link to: ‘4P About Me) in Kirkby during the formative period of his career.

John Conteh

One of the great British boxers of all time, John Conteh is a former ABA (Amateur Boxing Association™) champion and was trained at Kirkby A.B.C by Charles Atkinson Senior. He progressed to become WBC Light-Heavyweight Champion of the world, and later boxing at Liverpool Stadium, while promoted by Atkinsons.


Attended the same school with the great John Conteh and also boxing the same gym at Kirkby A,B,C, He was an amateur star in his own right, an A.B.A. Lightweight champion and English international. He was my first pro signing and won the British Light Welterweight title with a brilliant 15 round points win over Pat McCormack at Liverpool Stadium, in only his 7th. pro contest. a fight jointly promoted by myself and brother Mike. He went on to make a Lonsdale belt, his own property in a total of only 10 fights. He was known as "Joey the Jab" because of a lightening fast left hand which he fired. like a machine gun.

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