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Perfect, refine, and develop your technique with guidance from an iconic boxing trainer. Backed by first-class expertise, I encourage, support, and advise clients who require personal boxing tuition. I train you to get to grips with and master this ancient combat sport.

Of course, I tailor my sessions to your ability, allowing you to expand your skills and ambition. Simply arrange a boxing training session with me to define your goals, whether you are an expert or a beginner. I’ll be sure to arrange a one-to-one class at a time that suits you.

Previous World Champions

As a leading boxing coach, I have worked alongside world boxing champions accredited by the WBC (World Boxing Council™). Specifically, I have taken 6 previous WBC boxing campions to the title. These include:



Former WBC World Super-Flyweight Champion, and the first boxer from Thailand to win an Olympic medal.



Former WBC World Flyweight Champion


Samart Payakaroon

Former WBC World Super-Bantamweight Champion



Former WBC World Strawweight Champion



Former WBC World Light-Flyweight Champion



Former WBC World Super-Bantamweight and Super-Featherweight Champion

Additionally, I have worked with the following athletes:

John Conteh (Liverpool):

Former British Commonwealth, European, and WBC World Light-Heavyweight Champion

Azumah Nelson (Ghana):

Former WBC World Featherweight Champion and WBC World Super-Featherweight Champion

Managed – Joey Singleton:

Former British Light-Welterweight Champion and Outright Winner of the Lonsdale belt. A top professional, and true 15 round fighter, in a tough era.


Trained – Mary Kom (Manipur, India):

5-Time Women’s World Boxing Champion and 2012 Women’s Flyweight Olympic Bronze Medallist


Trained – Shea Neary (Liverpool):

Former WBU (World Boxing Union™) Welterweight Champion

All of the boxers I have worked with have won their titles extremely quickly. What’s more, this has been achieved in some of the toughest rings in the world, including:

London - Bangkok - Osaka - Kyoto - Seoul - Busan - Sydney - Paris - Berlin - Hamburg - Pattaya - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Liverpool - Frankfurt - Taranto - Amsterdam - Manchester - Paris - Belgrade - Cologne


There is nothing more inspiring and invigorating than achieving your fitness goals. No feeling will beat the adrenaline pumping around your body as you master and nurture your boxing technique. I am Charles Atkinson, a world-leading boxing coach the owner of World Boxing Training and Fitness. For more than 35 years I have expanded my client base, which includes iconic athletes and former world champions. As a premier boxing trainer, I welcome new clients of all abilities, and encourage the development of your skills with superb advice and support. For added convenience, I am willing to travel to my clients to carry out training.

Due to my long experience and prestigious reputation, I provide services that are second to none. By consulting my services, you will benefit from the following:

An Industry-Leading Expert

My boxing clients have won world championships and the Olympics thanks to my expertise. I have worked in Thailand while training clients.


I have the most proven, successful record in the world for training clients. Additionally, I have worked on various projects with TV companies.

An Experienced Trainer

With exceptional skills cultivated over a 35-year period, I am a former amateur and professional. I was a fight promoter at Liverpool Stadium, where I also worked as a boxing trainer, manager, and agent.

Working with Clients of All Abilities

I have trained boxers at all levels, from beginner to advanced. My clients have comprised 7 WBC world titles, and 5 WBC international titles. Ability levels have included:

National Championship
Continental Championship
World Championship

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